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Series-1 Suggestion for infection prevention from Susumu Co., Ltd.

No-4 Currently, infection prevention is limited to hand washing, alcohol disinfection, use of masks, antibiotics and vaccines, but we propose a new infection prevention that has never existed before.

Infectious diseases include airborne infections, droplet infections, and contact infections, but about 80% of infections are caused by the spread of bacteria through contact infections.

The guidelines for infectious diseases of the CDC in the United States also say that hand washing and wiping off dirt are important for infection prevention, so hand washing is strongly recommended. However, even if you frequently disinfect your hands with alcohol, you can create an environment where there are no bacteria on your hands only at that time, but I don't think it can be said to be effective continuously because it is temporary. Handwashing is important, but we have developed technology to create a continuous, germ-free environment on high-touch surfaces. Specifically, it is the development of an individual fungicide that is safe for the human body and can continue to kill bacteria. In 2008, the EPA in the United States approved it for the first time as a fungicide for solids containing copper or copper alloys. In response to this, the American Copper Institute obtained a subsidy from the Department of Defense and conducted the world's first detailed clinical study of infectious diseases in the ICUs of three hospitals over five years. Since many papers have been published, before introducing our technology, I would like to talk about the results of the first and last clinical trial using copper alloys next time.

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