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Series-1 Suggestion for infection prevention from Susume Co., Ltd.

No-6 Developed paint-type solid fungicide "AbedulAg+" developed for the purpose of solving the versatility and price issues of copper or copper alloy, which was first approved as a solid fungicide by the US EPA in 2008. .

“AbedulAg+” has many different features that are effective in preventing infection from commonly distributed disinfectants with a temporary bactericidal effect, copper or copper alloys.

1. The active species uses safe silver ions that have already been approved by the US EPA and FDA as active species for disinfectants

 It is used. Ions are meant to be water-based, but non-eluting materials are designed

 It is a big feature that it is included.

2. For example, when processed into fiber, 99.99% of the bactericidal effect is maintained even after 300 washes, so bacteria

 Transmission can be blocked, resistant bacteria are difficult to develop due to the effect of continuity, and there is no need to reprocess the fiber

 There is a characteristic that the load on the environment is extremely low.

3.Because the cause of infectious diseases is thought to be in areas with vulnerable environmental infrastructure, "AbedulAg+

 In development, we have taken into account the versatility of the processing method and the price that makes business development easy

4. Biocompatibility is often questioned as an index of safety, but especially the evaluation of cytotoxicity

In the ISO evaluation criteria, the evaluation result of 0, which is completely non-toxic, was confirmed on a scale of 0 to 4

 We are here.

Next time, I will introduce the members who have been involved in this development and have received various guidance.

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