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Series-1 Suggestion for infection prevention from Susume Co., Ltd.

NO-9 Medical Textile Market Forecast

In terms of demand by country and market forecast by application (unit: US$ million), demand in North America in 2024 is 4,000-CAGR 5.3%, and global demand is 12,313-CAGR 5.4%. By application, medical textiles will have the largest demand at 7,634-5.6%, followed by apparel at 3,001-5.3%, home textiles at 788-5.0%, and commercial textiles at 477-4.0%.

It is said that about 60% of the so-called "antibacterial fibers" distributed in large quantities in these markets use fungicides obtained by organic synthesis. Since the effect is reduced by washing, it cannot be said to be effective as a countermeasure against infectious diseases because it does not have continuity. The research report states that the market is in need of safe and long-lasting antimicrobial fibers.

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