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​Company Profile


​● Representative's greeting

 My name is Tsukasa Sakurada, the CEO of Susumu Co., Ltd.

 Aiming to establish a manufacturing company that does not manufacture anything, I had established Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd 38 years ago. With a lot of support, we dedicated ourselves to the development of elemental technology. On the 30th anniversary, I became to a chairman of Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd to fucus on the work related to infectious disease. I have been proceeding a joint research theming reducing the risk of nosocomial infection with the professor in U.S who experienced the chief examiner of FDA.


 With these backgrounds, I established Susume., Ltd. to do a license business related to infectious diseases on the condition of employment of elderly people.

 The new building was constructed to develop the equipment which processes newly developed antimicrobial agent on the textiles which has the biggest risk of infection. And it is the place for licensees to verify the efficiency.   Fortunately, we were able to purchase the equipment in the facility because it was adopted as a subsidy for manufacturing by METI. We hope that we can create an environment where the elderly can actively contribute to the local community through measures against infectious diseases, which are the most talked about now.

 80% of infections are caused by bacterial transmission.

 It has already been confirmed that the antimicrobial agent can prevent the transmission of bacteria on textiles, and a joint paper with overseas academia has been published. In addition, the continuous antibacterial effect of 99.99%, which is recognized by the FDA as having an antibacterial effect even after 300 washes, has been confirmed by an evaluation by a specialized organization.

 Local licensees will process antibacterial agents into the products and deliver them directly to your hands to reduce concerns about infectious diseases. We hope it creates a society where people can live with peace of mind.


​● Company profile

​Company name

​Susume Co., Ltd.

​Headquarters address

09-00-39 Shirakabadaira Mitsuinomori Tateshinakogen, Chino, Nagano, 


Management Resources

Academic papers, patents, contact points with US universities, accreditation of public institutions (undecided)


June 1, 2021


1 million yen


Tsukasa Sakurada


​ access

Susume Co., Ltd.

09-00-39 Shirakabadaira Mitsuinomori Tateshinakogen, Chino, Nagano 391-0213 JAPAN



Tsukasa Sakurada 

​contact address

​ Please search on Google Maps.


FAX: 0266-55-6658 




Please do not to hesitate to conatact us!​​

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