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Simple Textile Processing

This is a video of the actual processing of the antibacterial agent "AbedulAg+" on sewn fibers. Since it is automated, it is extremely easy to operate. (This project was implemented with the subsidized funds from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.)

You can easily apply antibacterial treatment to the textile products you are currently using after washing, just like a general customer would ask a dry cleaner. Even if bacteria adhere to the surface of the fiber, the continuous antibacterial effect can reduce the spread of bacteria even if the hand touches it, so it is useful for suppressing infectious diseases. We will provide a safer environment by implementing this together with the practice of hand washing, which has been recommended by the CDC in the United States to prevent infectious diseases.

You can understand that it is different from ordinary antibacterial agents based on the solid evidence confirmed by Academia.

We expect confirming this antibacterial agent is effective in preventing infectious diseases by blocking the transmission of bacteria with textile products means it is also useful for medical equipment, food poisoning prevention, and environmental hygiene in all areas of the living environment, such as building materials.


Antibacterial agent processing equipment for sewn fabrics, which is a modified commercial dryer


Ⅰ. Supporting the employment of the elderly in the region and the independence of people with disabilities through 

      license business

Ⅱ. Contributes to reducing the risk of infectious diseases caused by drug-resistant bacteria

Ⅲ. Antibacterial processing of sewn textile products and delivery to general consumers


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