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Aiming to be a social contribution that specializes in infectious disease control

Infectious diseases have been repeated many times in the past and have caused many deaths. This infectious disease is considered to be an eternal theme for mankind. Many infectious diseases often occur in poor living environments, and my previous experience in a JICA project was a great opportunity to get involved in infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are caused by airborne infections, droplet infections, and contact infections, but in general, 80% of its cases are said to be due to the transmission of bacteria and viruses, especially through contact with hands. Unlike conventional antibacterial agents, the newly developed antibacterial agent is a solid ceramic composite one that has continuity, is nontoxic, and does not elute, so it has no environmental impact. In the future, many applications such as hygiene management of food, water, air, etc. are conceivable, but from the background above, we decided to specialize in the application for infectious disease control and proceed with the business. On the other hand, it goes without saying that companies must always have a social mission, and we aim to contribute to society by employing elderly people, supporting the independence of people with disabilities, and helping regional development in combination with infection control.

Antibacterial processing system sales​

This is a dedicated machine that processes antibacterial agents on sewn fabric, which is a remodeled commercial washing machine with the support of the manufacturer. Withstands 300 washes and no reprocessing required. It is a license business. Please contact us for details.

Consulting on infection prevention measures

80% of infectious diseases are caused by the transmission of bacteria through contact. If it is possible to block the transmission of contact surfaces, it will lead to a significant reduction in infectious diseases. We propose a new concept of infection prevention by continuous antibacterial treatment of contact surfaces.

Manufacture and sale of antibacterial agents​

Developed for textile antibacterial processing systems. Developed with the support of JETRO and an American university, it is a non-toxic solid that continuously blocks the spread of bacteria on textiles and aims to reduce the risk of infection

We do not sell only antibacterial agents.

​Deployment to developing countries

Infectious diseases are regarded as an eternal problem for humankind, and many of them affect the world in a short time from areas with weak environmental infrastructure. We would like to propose a new way to continuously block the propagation of bacteria on the contact surface in addition to the conventional practice of hand washing and wiping off dirt.

Consulting on antibacterial processing system   ​​

The business model is a license business. We hope that we can propose high value-added business to the elderly in the area and help the elderly to actively contribute to society. Please contact us.



Pleae do not hesitate to conatct us!​​

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