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Contributing to reducing the risk of infectious disease caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria



We aim to contribute to society through specialized infection control measures.

Throughout history, the spread of infectious diseases has repeatedly burdened humanity, resulting in countless deaths. Addressing this pervasive issue remains one of the most enduring and complex challenges in the world today. In poor living conditions, the risk of such diseases increases, underscoring the importance of targeted and cost-effective infection control measures. Drawing on collective experiences, including projects undertaken with JICA, our company has been inspired to take a proactive stance in combating infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

The primary modes of transmission for infectious diseases are airborne, droplet, and contact, with contact transmission accounting for approximately 80% of cases. This insight guides our approach: by continually interrupting the chain of transmission, we can significantly mitigate the spread of infections. Our innovative solution, AbedulAg+, is a solid material antibacterial, distinct from conventional agents in its long-lasting and continual 99.99% effectiveness, versatility, non-toxic nature, and low environmental load due to its non-leaching properties.

Looking ahead, we envision a wide array of applications for our antibacterial agent, from food packaging to construction, transportation to hospitality, and even to improving the quality of water and air. Currently, however, Susume has strategically chosen to concentrate its efforts on the expansive textile industry, aiming to combat the spread of infectious diseases through contact transmission. This initiative leverages our unique antibacterial technology to address a critical vector for infection while maximizing its impact. Our dedication is reflected in our business model, which is centered around licensing.

We firmly believe in the importance of a social mission for businesses. As such, we are committed to collaborating with licensees to not only advance public health but also support the employment of the elderly and foster regional revitalization. Together, we stand united in our mission to make a meaningful difference in the fight against infectious diseases.


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