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Licence Application


Outline of license agreement conditions (in Japan)

  1. The purpose of this project is to promote regional development, support the working environment for the elderly, and reduce the risk of infectious diseases, which is now a problem. It is also a project with public and public interests, so we hope to contribute as widely as possible to the region. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Please employ the elderly.

  3. We ask for your cooperation in quality audits to maintain quality.

  4. We will share information for the mutual improvement of those involved. Please participate in the Zoom meeting about once a year.

  5. It will be a contract after confirming the actual effect of processed products while also serving as training at the current facility of Susume Co., Ltd.

Procedures Up to Contract

Contact Susumu Co., Ltd.
From HP/Email/Phone
Web conference settings
Send to Susumu, Inc.
Processing by Susume Co., Ltd. within 5 kg of washed fibers
Continuous verification of antibacterial and deodorizing effects
Continuity confirmation of effects (external evaluation request/deodorant experience)
Acceptance, ordering, delivery, installation, Susume Training Co., Ltd.
Two-day training for personnel in charge
Quotation submission/
Online contract signing
Processing by mail if necessary
Susume Co., Ltd. facility tour and contract review
Examination of draft contract
(3D video if not possible)
Web conference before contract after confirmation of effect
Specific questions and answers, contract decision information collection
For more details, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Application for License

​09-00-39 Shirakabadaira Mitsuinomori Tateshinakogen, Chino, Nagano 391-0213 JAPAN


TEL: +81-266-55-6658/FAX: +81-266-55-6658

​ mobile phone: +81-90-1121-4167


Thank you for sending

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