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 Continuously blocks the transmission of bacteria

 Contributing to infectious disease prevention with solid evidence

We aim to contribute to society through specialized infection control measures.

                                        Updated June 1, 2024

The spread of infectious diseases has occurred many times in the past, resulting in many deaths.

According to a British research report, the economic loss by 2050 is estimated to be 100 trillion dollars, more than 100 times the national budget of Japan, and the annual death toll is estimated at 10 million people per year, exceeding the number of deaths from cancer. Many infectious diseases tend to spread in areas with weak environmental infrastructure, and my experience at JICA has been a major catalyst for me to become involved in infectious diseases.

Infectious diseases are believed to be caused by airborne infection, droplet infection, and contact infection, and it is generally believed that about 80% of infections are caused by contact. This shows how important it is to wash your hands. As a countermeasure, if we can safely and continuously block the transmission of bacteria through contact, it will be possible to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

Susumé Co., Ltd. has developed a paint-type disinfectant that can be easily applied to contact areas. For the time being, we will focus on commercializing fibers that are most commonly used in people's daily lives and have a high risk of infection.


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