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         Founder: Tsukasa Sakurada Profile


☆ March 1962 : Graduated from Akita Prefectural Noshiro Technical High School (Industrial Chemistry Department)

☆ Major achievements:

    1971 - While employed at Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    [Research and establishment of synthetic quartz glass manufacturing technology] 

  Developed and delivered high-purity synthetic quartz glass prism mate rial (50 x 50 x 50

    mm) for use in NASA's Apollo program via Nippon Kogaku Co., Ltd. It was later used as an

    optical fiber core material and a mask for silicon wafers.

    1984: Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd. founded

  1. Developed low-temperature thermal spraying method in 1990: Composite element technology of ceramics and polymer materials. Featured on the front page of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. This be came the basis for the development of the following element technol ogies.

  2. In 2001, the company developed the long-acting fungicide "earthplusTM": The company provided the technology to Toray Industries, Inc. to commercialize the product.

  3. Proposed by Vice-Minister Tanahashi of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2001: 100 researchers who have made out standing achievements in Japan's postwar technological development. "Low-temperature spraying method" was chosen. Electrical Technology History Research Group Material No. HEE-01-28. Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Uyei Nagata (NEC).

4.2002 Development of oil-free, low-friction sliding material: Adopted for the guide post of the

    lead frame mold of Futaba Electronics Co., Ltd.

5.In 2004, Juntendo Ochanomizu Hospital adopted "earthplusTM" treated curtains in all

    rooms (approved by the head of nursing): Appointed linen supply Toki Co., Ltd. to deodorize 

    all rooms.

6, 2005 Part-time lecturer at Kanto Gakuin University (Mutsuura): 3 years of introduction to

    small and medium-sized enterprises.

7. Signed a joint research and development and transaction agreement with All Nippon Airways

    in 2006 regarding improvement of the aircraft interior environment.

8. 2006 World Business Satellite broadcast: Infection control "New technology to save lives".

9. In 2007, Mitsubishi Electric jointly developed and launched an air purifier: Two models were

    launched, one for commercial use (Melpal Holdings) and one for home use (Catalog House).

10. 2011 Received 100 million yen in METI SUPPORT grants: Published a paper co-authored 

    with Shinshu University (Professor Honda) and Arizona University (Professor Gerba). Tohoku

    University (Professor Kaku) presented at the International Conference on Infectious Diseases

    in Lyon, France (panel).

11. Selected for JICA project feasibility study in 2014: Project promoted at Bach Mai Hospital 

    in Vietnam.

12. 2018 JETRO Exporting Countries Consortium Selection: Considering FDA registration of

    "anti-infectious textile" with University of Maryland (former FDA chief examiner professor).

13. 2019 Shinshu University Faculty of Science lecture: "Introduction to Career Design" for two



Established Susumé Co., Ltd. in 2021

[Founded to advance a business specializing in infectious disease countermeasures] 

1. Dec. 2021: Selected for METI Mono Subsidy.

2. Mar. 2023: Developed long-lasting antibacterial agent "AbedulAg+" for FDA registration, 

    and obtained a patent for its use in "anti-infective textile" to differentiate them from "anti-

    bacterial textile".

3. March 2022: Adopted Chino City Startup Fund.

4. July 2022: Adopted Suwa Shinkin Bank Fund.

5. June 2023: Adopted JETRO New Export Consortium.

6. July 2023: Adopted JETRO Small and Medium Enterprises Overseas Application Support

    Project (USA).

7. October 2023: Signed contract with consultant in Dallas, texas for FDA acquisition.

8.April 2024: Signed business contract with partner in Silicon Valley, USA.

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