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Why is it difficult to take measures against infectious diseases? (1)

Invisible risks

It is very easy to take measures against infectious diseases, but I think the most important thing is that crisis management is not possible because it is invisible. The starting point for the problem, whether drug-resistant or virus, seems to be a small number at first. In the case of bacteria, it seems that they will continue to grow invisible and harm humans. If a person can perceive this with the five human senses, it seems that some protection can be provided before it propagates, but in reality, not all bacteria and viruses are necessarily harmful to humans. Only a few of them are harmful to humans. However, unfortunately, it is difficult to distingushi. In addition, even if there are many harmful bacterial viruses, it is almost impossible to evaluate because by the time they are found, they are in a small number . Therefore, as a result, unless a person dies or a large number of animals die, the abnormality will not be noticed and it cannot be treated as a problem. Even if it is invisible, if it can be killed or inactivated at the time when bacteria or viruses adhere to the fiber in a small number before it does not multiply, there is a great possibility that it can be protected.

Actual condition of resistant bacteria transmission of resistant bacteria from affected persons in ICU

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