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Trial to JETRO World Acceleration Hub

JETRO has established the JETRO Global Acceleration Hub to support the global expansion of Japanese startups in partnership with leading local accelerators in regions with advanced startup ecosystems around the world. We provide free briefings, mentoring, co-working spaces, etc. to Japanese startups aiming to expand overseas or raise funds overseas. (Excerpt from JETRO article 2022.5.25)

Susumu Co., Ltd. is a newly established company founded on 2021/06/01, but we are planning to rent a hub in Boston, USA for 3 months to search for business partners.

Introducing the consultant who was introduced by New York JETRO and the company overview compiled in advance as a presentation material.

I would appreciate it if you could understand what we are aiming for and what we are trying to do in relation to society.

Proposed company profile for JETRO World Acceleration Hub (Boston)

Susumu Co., Ltd. is a Japanese venture company that aims to realize a society where infectious diseases do not spread. Our silver ion-based antibacterial agent "AbedulAg+" uses electrolyzed silver ions, but we have a patented technology that does not dissolve in water. Although there are some restrictions on the use of chlorine-based detergents when washing, it continuously exhibits 99.99% sterilization effect. In addition, our company has the technology to process the fiber so that the antibacterial agent does not decay even after washing 300 times, so there is no need for repeated antibacterial treatment, which is a major difference from conventional technology. Conventional antibacterial fabrics are only sterilized when laundered, and their potency decreases with each wash. By providing fibers that can be continuously sterilized, even if there is no immediate effect, the number of bacteria is initially small, so many drug-resistant bacteria do not proliferate, preventing the spread of infection and eventually preventing drug-resistant infections. can. Silver ions are a highly safe material that has already been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it is expected that "AbedulAg+" will be used on various material surfaces in the future. Currently, with the support of JETRO, we are preparing to register the anti-infective fiber with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) together with a joint research institution, a university in the United States. increase.


Susumu Inc. Tsukasa Sakurada

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