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Series-1 Suggestion for infection prevention from Susumu Co., Ltd.

NO-5 Prevention of infection is possible if it is possible to block transmission of bacteria at the time of contact.

In 2008, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recognized copper and copper alloys as the world's first fungicide with individual continuity. Based on these results, the US Copper Institute obtained a subsidy from the Department of Defense to conduct clinical trials in the ICUs of three hospitals for five years. The results demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, as shown above. Unfortunately, copper alloys have not been put to practical use because of their lack of versatility.

In any case, it is possible to reduce infectious diseases by bringing six types of copper alloy products to the IUC, and it is possible by developing a general-purpose individual continuous fungicide. It's going to happen.

In the next issue, NO-6, I would like to explain about a new individual paint-type fungicide "AbedulAg+" that is a composite of ceramics.

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