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Experience the effect of “AbedulAg+”

Because bacteria cannot be seen, it is difficult to feel whether the antibacterial agent is really effective or not.

Smells in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. can be troublesome, but in many cases, it is said that the cause is bacteria. To say that the smell is gone by the antibacterial agent in the place where there was an odor is indirectly to say that the bacteria are gone.

What we are proposing here is a prototype exclusively for textiles (not for sale), but it is really easy to use by dispersing "AbedulAg+" in water and spraying it on the textiles. Yes, but you can check the following:

(1) For example, if the washing used in the kitchen at home is processed into a cloth that is sufficiently washed, it will almost always smell.

 No. (If possible, please try to evaluate bacteria at a public institution.)

(2) After processing, you can feel that the smell will not continue if you dry it sufficiently.

Let me show you how to use the spray bottle.

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